MEC Dube-Ncube calls for zero tolerance for violation of rights of women and children as thousands observe human rights day in KwaDukuza municipality

Human Rights Day serves as the reminder of the path gone by South Africa and education platform about responsible use of rights as contained in the Bill of Rights. Among the rights there is a right to protest, but destroying property does not only undermines the right of others, who have access to services through that property, but hinders the progress of services delivery and paint a bad picture of the Country to the investors who are very critical in addressing the unemployment and economic growth. Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube-Ncube addressed members of community after a march against human rights at Ntshawini in KwaDukuza Municipality on 21.03.19 The celebration was as a result of KwaDukuza Council resolution after the area experienced brutal killing of people; one incident involves a women who was buried by her love partner in the house, without her children knowing. A women was burnt to death following allegations of witch craft practices and these precede many other social ills challenges in the area . Community was reminded and taught that God gave people rights over everything and deprive them the the right over human lives. marchers were singing gospel songs and chanting slogans that discourage Human Rights Abuse.

KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Nomusa Dube-Ncube has called for zero tolerance in communities for those who prey on the most vulnerable in our society. Dube-Ncube made this call at a Human Rights Day event in the KwaDukuza local municipality today.

Dube-Ncube urged residents not to be complicit in covering up abuses of women and children that might take place within their families “It is important that we face the scourge of abuse of women and children head-on in our communities and within our families. People who are aware of such abuses and do not report them are complicit – in the violation of the rights of the most vulnerable in our society,” said Dube-Ncube.

The area of Ntshawini has experienced a series of incidents, including murders, which have warranted a direct response from the law enforcement agencies. Observing Human Rights Day in Ntshawini is aimed at addressing the scourge of crime and the abuse of women and children within the district, especially in this area.

The celebrations were also attended by Mayor of KwaDukuza Cllr Ricardo Mthembu who urged residents of Ntshawini to work together with the law enforcement agencies to ensure that those who are perpetrators of abuse ultimately face the full might of the law.

For more information contact: KZN Cogta spokespersons Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403, or Senzelwe Mzila, 082 474 1882