MEC Dube-Ncube responds to DA propaganda

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Statement by the MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Honourable Nomusa Dube-Ncube in response to the allegations peddled by the Democratic Alliance


Ladies and gentlemen of the media

One of the respected writers once said that “in the new century, the likelihood of untruth has become so much more prevalent”.

There can be no better evidence of this expression than the dose of untruthful, biased and misleading propaganda dished out at the Democratic Alliance’s media briefing today. In fact, what we are witnessing is a classic case of a slowly but surely dying Democratic Alliance believing in its own delusions. In their obsession and an act of desperation to defame us, especially taking the context and the timing, the DA has served nobody, other than being mercenaries of their handlers and purveyors of fake news that is inaccurate, out of context and devoid of any real facts.

What was dished out today was nothing but a rapid repackaging of largely unchecked, second-hand material, much of it designed to serve the political interests of those who provided it to them and play to the gallery on the eve of the ANC Elective Conference.

Under normal circumstances, we would not have responded or dignified the DA’s garbage with our comments, but because our vulnerable members of the public are now victims of being infected with falsehood, distortion and propaganda, we feel obligated to protect them. The so-called explosive dossier is nothing more than a hasty, incomplete, and inevitably flawed and inaccurate rendering of some of the things we have heard about since we arrived in this department. The most interesting thing is that this propaganda offensive gets into overdrive every time there is an ANC conference.  

Some of the distortions peddled today are what we have been responding to and addressing, however, in a strange, alarming and generally unnoticed development they get recycled and get pumped out as new information as a way of enhancing the waning fortunes of the Democratic Alliance and their handlers.

We note with concern, anger and disbelief, the relentless efforts to drag my name and that of the department into the private affairs of my husband who is a long standing and reputable businessman. This is deliberately concocted in order to create an impression in the public mind that there are mischievous dealings on my part which has facilitated the awarding of the contracts in some municipalities.

I would like to state for the record that any allegations of corruption or irregularities are viewed in a serious light and must be investigated without fear or favour and regardless of who is involved and if wrongdoing is proven, appropriate actions and sanctions should be taken. Today we have brought evidence of the forensic investigations, we have undertaken in various municipalities, without fear or favour.

I am concerned about the ongoing fishing expedition to link me to the business involvement of my husband which I consider, in the absence of any tangible proof, to be a political witch hunt and a trial in the court of public disinformation.

The fact of the matter is that my husband’s business involvement in the public and the private sector far predates our personal relationship and marriage. The timing of these allegations and the mission to discredit me is as interesting as the omission of my husband’s long standing business involvement with municipalities, which dates back to when I was still Ambassador based in the Czech Republic and had no knowledge that one day I will be the MEC responsible for municipalities.

I note with concern the selection of narratives to exclude business involvement of my husband beyond the borders of KZN and South Africa, which is deliberately done to create an impression that his businesses are prospering because of my tacit blessing and that I had turned a blind eye to the alleged irregularities because of our relationship. I am also not surprised that these allegations are beginning to feed an opportunistic political campaign to discredit me and my public standing.

I want to state for the record that I am an independent woman with a career of my own dating back for more than 38 years. In all these years, I have always been able to distinguish between the responsibilities I have been given in terms of my job and my private life. Clearly this is a deliberate campaign to impugn my reputation in the court of public disinformation. I have, since our marriage, submitted Financial Disclosures to both the Provincial Executive Council and the Provincial Legislature as required by the Executive Members’ Ethics Act, 1998, (Act No. 82 of 1998), that included a disclosure of my husband’s entire business interests. This, however, should not define me as I have always had my own career and property even before I met my husband.

I take serious exception to not being defined through my own credentials. What is evident in the DA allegations is that it has become part of the machinery of patriarchy advocates and cheerleaders of male chauvinism to run a malicious and barbaric agenda that is aimed at stripping me of my dignity and identity as a woman, and defining me through a man. I consider the DA’s actions demeaning and insulting to women like me.

As a matter of fact, I do not sit in any interviews or appointment of senior managers in municipalities. I also do not participate in supply chain processes, not even in the department. I therefore feel prejudiced with the selective use of my name to define me through my husband’s business matters. My appeal is that inferences should not be drawn as to cast aspersion on my integrity on matters I have nothing to do with and in which my partner’s act of impropriety has not been mentioned or proven.

The despicable and amateurish attempts by the hired guns – the Desperate Alliance – will not succeed and, in fact, South Africans will become wise to the fact that the DA is now a mercenary under the control of hidden masters.

Deconstructing DA myths

  1. On the matter of the appointment of Municipal Manager of Nkandla, it is necessary to place on record that the DA’s account of this appointment is factually incorrect. I have in fact instituted a High Court Application against the Nkandla and Mthonjaneni Municipalities, due to the fact that the Municipalities have failed to comply with my directives in terms of section 54A(7) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000).

The Notice of Motion involving the Nkandla Municipality was issued by the Registrar of the High Court in Pietermaritzburg on 11 May 2018, and allocated Case No. 5369/18P, before the papers were filed and served on all the Respondents. To date, neither the Municipality, nor either of the other two Respondents have filed a Notice to Oppose, as a result of which the matter will be heard in Court on 28 June 2018, on which date my legal representatives will request the Court to grant the order setting the appointment of the Municipal Manager aside. Copies of the application are available in the High Court in Pietermaritzburg, but can be made available if requested.

The Notice of Motion involving the Mthonjaneni Municipality was similarly issued by the Registrar of the High Court in Pietermaritzburg on 11 May 2018, and allocated Case No. 5370/18P, before the papers were filed and served on all the Respondents. In this matter all three Respondents have filed Notices of Opposition, and pleadings are currently being exchanged whereafter the matter will be set down for argument of the Opposed Motion Roll.

  1. As far as the appointment of Brand Partners by the Nkandla and Mthonjaneni Municipalities is concerned, I wish to mention at the outset that my husband’s name is Sibusiso Ncube, not Sibusiso Dube. In addition, all financial matters in Municipalities are governed by the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003), not the PFMA, and I am surprised that the DA cannot even get such simple facts correct when they create such enormous hype about alleged “damning evidence of corruption”.

In light of the fact that I approached the High Court nearly a month ago to set the irregular appointments of the Municipal Managers at the two Municipalities aside, I am amazed by the audacity of the DA, who on the one hand allege that I irregularly approved the appointment of the two Municipal Managers (which I have shown to be patently false), whilst on the other hand it alleges that I corruptly facilitated the appointment of my husband’s company in the two Municipalities. As I have indicated above, I am not involved in any procurement matters, not in my own Department, and especially not in Municipalities, which fall within a different sphere of government. What reasonable person would believe that a Municipality would appoint my husband’s company, at a time when I am taking that Municipality to Court to challenge the appointment of its Accounting Officer. That is ludicrous in the extreme, and I reject the allegations against me out of hand.  I am not aware of the appointment of Brand Partners in any Municipality, as I am not involved in his business, and do not follow the day-to-day operations of his businesses, or the bid awards of Municipalities.

Whilst I have noted the allegations, I am of the opinion that the allegations are defamatory in nature, and I reserve my rights in this regard. I will consult with my legal advisors and then decide on the appropriate response to the allegations, which I have shown to be devoid of any truth whatsoever.

For more information contact: KZN Cogta spokespersons Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403; or Msawakhe Mayisela, 060 966 4220


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Reconstitution of Houses of Traditional Leadership reaches climax tomorrow as Provincial House convenes

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KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Nomusa Dube-Ncube has in terms of section 38(1) of the KZN Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, 2005 (Act No. 5 of 2005) announced the convening of a special meeting of the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders which, among other business, will see the swearing-in and taking of oath of office of new members of the Provincial House for the new term of office.

The occasion will also witness the election of various office bearers, including the Provincial Chair, Deputy Chair and Exco Members. The Provincial House will also elect its representatives to the National House of Traditional Leaders.

The reconstitution and elections of the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders are intended to synchronise the term of office of the Provincial House with that of the National House of Traditional Leaders.

All Local Houses of Traditional Leaders in KZN were dissolved a few months ago and fresh elections have since taken place in all 11 districts of the province. The meeting of the Provincial House is the pinnacle of the reconstitution process as required by the law.

KZN constitutes the largest number of traditional leaders in the country and amakhosi are a key governance structure that plays a catalytic role in facilitating service delivery and development in the province.

Deputy Judge President of KZN will preside over the proceedings which will be attended by all amakhosi from the length and breadth of the province. The premier of KZN Willies Mchunu and Members of the Executive Council will also officiate at this event.

Members of the media are invited to attend this historic occasion, the details of which are as follows:

 Date:  Thursday, 14 September 2017

Venue: Durban City Hall

Time: 09:00am

 For more information contact: KZN Cogta spokespersons Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403; or Senzelwe Mzila, 082 302 3472


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MEC Dube-Ncube condemns vicious attack on Mpofana Mayor

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KZN MEC for Cooperative governance and traditional Affairs in KwaZulu-Natal, Nomusa Dube-Ncube, has roundly condemned what appears to be an attempted torching of Mpofana Mayor Xolani Duma’s house by unknown assailants on Monday night. The Mayor and his family were treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.

The assailants reportedly stormed Mayor Duma’s home in the early hours of the morning while he was asleep inside with his family including a one-year old child. Tyres were burnt in front of the house and the occupants struggled to get out as smoke was coming inside.

“As Cogta, we condemn this act of cowardice directed at an elected public representative in the strongest language and we urge the law enforcement agencies to investigate this incident without delay,” said KZN MEC for Cogta Nomusa Dube-Ncube.

KZN Cogta has repeatedly condemned recent attacks on public representatives in local government and traditional institutions, some of which have resulted in casualties. The department views violence against councillors and amakhosi as completely unacceptable  and a direct attack on democratic society.

We call upon the police to investigate this incident speedily and leave no stone unturned.

Media enquiries: KZN Cogta spokespersons Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403; or Msawakhe Mayisela, 060 966 4220


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MEC Dube-Ncube urges women not to give up fight for their rights

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KZN MEC for Cogta Nomusa Dube-Ncube says women will never be fully emancipated, if they are not united. Dube-Ncube was speaking to hundreds of women attending a Women’s Day celebration in Dannhauser in northern KZN.

She said that only through unity, would women be in a position to devise solutions to the innumerable challenges facing them daily. She urged women to stand up against men who continue to abuse women and children by reporting them to the law enforcement agencies.

“If one woman is abused, all women in a village should stand up against this scourge. Some women keep quiet, knowing very well that their neighbour is abused daily. Some go as far being silent when their children are sexually assaulted by their partners. That cannot be right; we need to put a stop to this. Enough is enough and our law enforcement agencies should work with women to rid our communities of these social ills,” said Dube-Ncube.

On economic empowerment, Dube-Ncube urged women to organise themselves to be able to benefit from the Radical Economic Transformation agenda. According to her, all municipalities have been directed to be centres of economic activity and women must at all times be prioritised in these endeavours.

“Our government wants certain goods and services to be procured from women providers. When we are talking about women’s emancipation, economic empowerment must feature permanently in this discourse. Women have been marginalised for years and it is high time that as government we lead by example. We want women to feed schools, hospitals, prisons and supply school uniforms, to mention but a few. We believe this would indeed break the cycle of poverty in our communities, if implemented aggressively,” said Dube-Ncube.

Dube-Ncube appealed for women to be given opportunities to occupy positions of power to excel. This would help to guard against giving credence to stereotypes to the effect that women are incompetent. Men have also been urged to play their part by protecting and supporting women.


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D-Day looms for Mandela Day Marathon runners – entries close on 31 July 2017.

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With only 7 days left before the deadline date of 31 July 2017, which is a cut-off-date to register to participate in one of Africa’s fastest growing marathon, the Nelson Mandela Day Marathon.   The organisers have issued a call to all runners to urgently register on time to avoid being left out of this iconic marathon which honours the legacy of South Africa’s first democratic president, Nelson Mandela.

The Mandela Day Marathon run in spectacular settings and surrounded by a festive vibe from Manaye Hall in Imbali Township in Pietermaritzburg to the Howick Precinct where Madiba was arrested, a historic incident which set South Africa on the journey to freedom.

Runners are urgently requested to visit the website  to download the forms or ABSA Branches across the province to obtain forms or various municipal offices.  The Mandela Marathon Office has extended its hours of work to ensure that applications are processed on time.  On weekdays the Mandela Day Marathon office will open from 08h00 to 20h00 and on weekends from 08h00 to 17h00.

Race categories and Entry Fees include:

42.2 Km R165 (licenced runners only)

21.1 Km R130 (temporary licence R20)

10 Km R110 (temporary licence R10)

4.6664 ( 5Km – Entries Closed)


  • Runners are advised that there may be no extension of the date as this impact on logistics preparation hence they are implored to register on time before the 31st July 2017.
  • Those who fail to register timeously by the due date will not be allowed to take part in this year’s 6th edition of the Nelson Mandela Day Marathon.
  • A total of over 500 runners who have been running the Nelson Mandela Day Marathon for the 5th consecutive time will receive permanent numbers.
  • This year’s race will be run under the theme #RUN4UNITY, which symbolises Tata Madiba’s vision of a united and prosperous nation.
  • More logistics including water stations, medical facilities, shuttle services and parking facilities and security arrangements have been upgraded to higher schedules this year.
  • Runners are advised that there will be no shuttle services to their starting venues and it is their duty to timeously familiarise themselves with the race routes and parking venues.
  • Runners will also be prohibited from switching from the race they initially registered for to the new one on the date of the marathon.

The 6th Mandela Day Marathon will be held on Sunday, 27 August 2017; starting at the Manaye Hall in Mbali Township, Pietermaritzburg and finishing at Mandela Capture Site in Howick.

Issued by the Mandela Marathon Organising Committee on behalf of uMgungundlovu District Municipality and the Ministry for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government. Contact Lennox Mabaso on 082 884 2403 or  Msawakhe Mayisela on 060 9664 220 or Mbali Ndlovu on 0767946830 or Thando Mgaga on 0735412267.




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MEC Dube-Ncube pleads with Municipal Speakers to up their game to ensure functional municipalities

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KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Nomusa Dube-Ncube has asked municipal Speakers to bring order and decorum to their council meetings. Dube-Ncube was addressing Speakers from the 54 municipalities in KZN during a Speakers’ Forum meeting in Durban today.

The Speakers’ Forum brings together all municipal Speakers to reflect on key areas of oversight, code of conduct and discipline in municipal councils. During her address, Dube-Ncube threw down the gauntlet by telling Speakers to stop wearing political party hats when presiding over council affairs as this was a recipe for chaos.

“We are almost a year in office in this term of democratic government but we are already observing that some council meetings are turning chaotic, not concluding their business and some councillors are not attending meetings. We are reading of councillors failing to pay their municipal bills and being embroiled in disruptive behaviours that tarnish the public positions they hold and the municipalities they lead. While all this is happening, there are no sanctions imposed by Speakers who are the custodians of the Code of Conduct and who are responsible for councillors adhering to the rule of law,” said Dube-Ncube.

“Unless the Speakers understand their roles and responsibilities as defined by our local government legislation, their respective councils will not be managed effectively. The Speaker’s role is key to ensuring oversight, accountability, integrity, discipline of office, and the efficient running of council meetings. One important aspect of this is consequence management of misconduct,” said Dube-Ncube.

“It is important to periodically remind the Speakers of their roles and responsibilities. The Speaker is in charge of the legislative arm of the municipal council. At the same time, the Speaker must protect the ‘checks and balances’ between the legislature and the executive, in other words, the ‘oversight’ that the council must exercise over the actions of the executive chaired by the Mayor,” said Dube-Ncube.

“Currently we are dealing with poor audit outcomes from the Auditor-General, there are matters of emphasis that warrant councils to act and demand answers from the executive. Recently we had to read the riot act to municipalities for delays in the filling of critical positions such those of Municipal Managers, and senior administrators. When all this is happening, I ask myself where the Speakers who should have asked critical questions are. We ask of our Speakers to raise the bar in performing oversight and demanding accountability. Do not be scared to pose difficult questions to your Mayor because you come from the same political party.  You can discuss your matters in caucuses, however, once in council, you must deal effectively with council business. This is the only way our sphere of local government will mature,” said Dube-Ncube.

Dube-Ncube has also urged the Speakers to actively implement the Code of Conduct for Councillors and develop mechanisms to monitor the general conduct and performance of councillors and report to council annually on the conduct and performance of councillors against this Code of Conduct. Failure to uphold the Code of Conduct has been known to lead to lapses in councillors’ discipline.

“The Speaker must likewise facilitate the establishment of an oversight committee or any similar structure to give effect to the provisions of the Municipal Finance Management Act. The Speaker must ensure that such a committee is functional, well capacitated and well equipped to discharge its mandate. Without adequate oversight, no municipality can hope to function effectively,” said Dube-Ncube.

In addition, Dube-Ncube has appealed to the Speakers to properly institutionalise public participation by encouraging participation of communities and in the decision-making process of their municipalities and develop and maintain mechanisms that ensure and monitor participation of communities in this decision-making process. Public participation, in Dube-Ncube’s words, was key to democratic legitimacy.

For more information contact KZN Cogta spokespersons Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403; or Msawakhe Mayisela, 060 966 4220


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Speech: MEC meeting with poor performing Municipalities

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Note to editors: remarks by MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube at a meeting she held with the Province’s poorly performing municipalities. This meeting was held in Durban and was attended by Mayors and Municipal Managers from the affected Municipalities 13 April 2017

Thank you for attending this important meeting with Mayors, Municipal Managers, CFO’s  and other key stakeholders from some of our municipalities, whom I’m sad to say, have not made us very proud as the province of KwaZulu-Natal.  We have convened this platform to reflect on the recent audit outcomes as they impact on all the municipalities we have invited today.

This meeting is taking place only a week after the Presidential Local Government Summit in Midrand where His Excellency President JG Zuma placed a premium on well-functioning municipalities as a prerequisite for the government’s drive for radical economic transformation at local level.  Yesterday the Premier convened the Premier’s Coordinating Forum, which provided the Auditor-General of South Africa, Mr Kimi Makwetu, an opportunity to present before the leadership of the province and municipalities the financial state of our municipalities.

At the outset I want to be categorically clear in expressing my disappointment at the performance of our province in the latest audit outcomes.  KZN has now regressed to 11 clean audits from a total of 22 such outcomes in the previous year. This is an ugly stain in our otherwise good record we have registered over the past five years.

Deeply concerning as well is the level of irregular expenditure by municipalities at R300-million.

Considering how much time and effort KZN Cogta and Provincial Treasury, has invested into municipal audit outcomes by way of supporting municipalities every step of the way, this result is truly disappointing and it must be a wake-up call for all senior municipal officials whose poor performance has caused this as well as all Mayors and councillors.

I am aware that most of the Mayors and councillors, are only seven months in office and cannot be personally held liable, however,  it is important for the Mayors and councillors to understand all the causes and symptoms so that they can understand the areas where they need to exercise strong oversight.

Mayors would have heard from the AG that weak and poor oversight is a major cause of financial collapse in our municipalities.  Unfortunately Mayors and Councilors, new as you are in your positions, our Constitution makes you successors in title, so you inherit the good and the bad and the terrible state we find ourselves in, we all have to clean it up.

The truth is that we cannot even begin to radically transform our local economies for the benefit of the poor if our municipalities continue to perform poorly. Audit outcomes are a good indication of municipal performance and since municipalities are the engines of local economic growth, poorly performing municipalities in terms of audit outcomes suggest that this engine is sputtering. Some of this poor performance has to do with inadequate reporting and non-compliance with local government legislation and some of it relates to poor financial management of municipal resources, of which irregular expenditure and flawed procurement processes are chief symptoms.

Our expectation is that in today’s meeting Mayors should clarify the reasons for this poor performance,

  • Provide an indication of sanctions imposed for poor performance;
  • Presentation of your municipality’s audit response plan and implementation status
  • An indication of your current state of municipal finances and the prognosis for the next audit
  • Recommend areas where Cogta could assist to improve their municipal audit outcomes in the next round of audits.
  • Progress status on the implementation of the Back to Basics plan

Whatever the cause of municipal non-performance, we cannot and will not tolerate it. As Cogta, we are dead serious about managing consequences for poor performance when it comes to municipalities. You would have inferred from our recent interventions in a number of KZN municipalities that we are prepared to take the hard and often unpopular decisions and place failing municipalities under administration. The next question is – are you Mayors prepared to take action against non-performing Municipal Managers and Senior Officials who delivere to us disclaimers and adverse opinions.  It still feels like a dream to me that after such a long time we have a disclaimer and an adverse opinion in this province.

The current state of affairs is tarnishing an otherwise good image of our municipalities.  The AG  has showered us with praises on the performance audit but because of finances, there is not even a reason to celebrate the progress in this area.

Among the key factors identified by the recent Citizen Satisfaction Surveys are community dissatisfaction with poor service delivery, financial mismanagement and allegations of fraud and corruption, coupled with complaints of poor communication with communities.   Poor audit outcomes justify these perceptions by communities.

I am aware that some municipalities are in a financially precarious situation, faced with limited, underutilised and diminishing revenue potential, all of which again bring us back to the Back to Basics programme and its focus on sound financial management.

We must ask ourselves a questions whether  people in strategic positions are fit for the purposes of good, clean and accountable governance of our municipalities.  It is obvious that financial and technical expertise in many municipalities is lacking and that financial management is inadequate. One manifestation of this is the generally poor level of bookkeeping and reporting. This is a constant source of frustration voiced by the Auditor-General and it is also a frustration shared by us at Cogta. As much as we support and assist, our hands are often tied precisely because our job is to support and assist, not manage municipal resources directly unless we intervene in any given municipality in terms of an appropriate constitutional provision.

From our own experience as Cogta, a much tighter system of monitoring and evaluation of the ability and performance of municipalities is required to ensure that they are effectively managing their resources.

The national transfer grants to municipalities are often used up in new development or, worse, utilised to fund operational expenditure. We are pleased to see the National Treasury’s efforts to tighten up on the controls placed on the use of conditional grants and the time has perhaps come to reward those municipalities which utilise them effectively and penalise those that do not. In 2016, we saw those municipalities that were deemed non-viable being redemarcated to become part of other, more viable, entities. Let this be a lesson for those municipalities that fail the test of financial viability in the current term of local government.

We need to address controversial issues in municipal procurement that cause municipalities to overpay for substandard services at the expense of their residents. It is absolutely critical that transparent, equitable and efficient supply chain processes are implemented and monitored by those responsible. Such a system will mean no more shady deals concluded in back rooms and behind closed doors and away from proper municipal oversight. If we at the provincial government level can effectively address the issues of fraudulent, irregular or nepotistic procurement so can our municipalities.

I find it disturbing that our municipalities are still engaging in uncompetitive or unfair SCM processes, or awarding tenders to municipal employees, close family members of employees or other state officials. It is equally disturbing to see the level of inadequate contract management that has been referred to by the Auditor-General in these latest municipal audit outcomes. These are grave concerns and the mismanagement that has caused them simply cannot go unanswered.

Let this meeting be a wake-up call for Mayors and Municipal Managers to ensure that municipalities’ finances are properly managed and accounted for, and that municipalities themselves are fully capacitated. As political and administrative heads of your municipalities, you must ensure that the right people are in the right positions.  Unless municipal officials do their jobs properly and unless their work is overseen adequately by councillors, KZN municipalities will not achieve the audit outcomes their residents as ratepayers expect and deserve.

It is time to up your game. The choice before us is clear:  either you are prepared to take the hard decisions and discharge your duties as elected public representatives or municipal officials in accordance with your respective mandates, or you face the consequences for poor performance. As Cogta, we have already demonstrated that we are not afraid to act. We now want to see harsh consequences for non-performance lead by Mayors and councils,  this is in the interest of the people whom we are all supposed to serve.

I thank you.

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MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube Expresses Shock At Untimely Death Of Richmond Deputy Mayor

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KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta), Nomusa Dube-Ncube, is urging the law enforcement agencies to investigate the cause of death of Richmond’s deputy mayor Thandazile Phoswa, who died from a gun-related injury on Sunday night.

“We are shocked by this untimely death which comes only a few weeks after the killing of the municipal manager at the same municipality. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the constituency of the deceased deputy mayor,” said KZN MEC for Cogta Nomusa Dube-Ncube.

Even though the cause of the deputy mayor is unknown, KZN Cogta has repeatedly expressed its concerns about the killing of public officials including councillors, municipal officials and traditional leaders, since the 2016 local government elections.

“It is important that we get to the bottom of this latest untimely death and while the law enforcement agencies investigate, we urge members of the Richmond community to remain calm,” said Dube-Ncube.

For more information contact: KZN Cogta spokesperson Lennox Mabaso, 082 884 2403 Msawakhe Mayisela 0609664220

03 April 2017.




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Emadlangeni Imbizo Speech by MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube

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31 Januwari 2017


Mphathi wohlelo;

Amakhansela wonke;



Mphakathi waseMadlangeni  wonke;

Angibonge ngokuthola lelithuba lokuba sihlanganyele kanye nani lapha namuhla kulembizo, nokungenye ngenye yezindlela esizama ngayo siwu Hulumeni wenu, ukuthi sihlale-sihale, sixhumane nani uma kukhona isinqumo esikhulu esisithathile, nesinomthelela omkhulu kwinhlalakahle yenu.

Izimbizo-ke zenzeka ngaphansi kohlelo lukaHulumeni oluzichaza lona njengoba kusukela ngisho nasemandulo besazi njengabantu abangama-Afrika ukuthi kuyaye kuhlale- kuhlale bese kubizwa imbizo, lapho khona kuzodingidwa udaba oluthile ngenhloso yokuba kuhlanganiswe amakhanda ngenhloso yokuthola isisombululo enkingeni okungabe umphakathi noma isizwe sihlangabezane nayo..

Ngokwazi kwethu ubudlelwane bethu njengoHulumeni wenu buhle kakhulu okufakazedla lokhu ukuthi lendawo ayikhishiwe inyumbazane uma kuziwa ekwabiweni kwezinhlelo zentuthuko.  Kukhona eningakukhomba okwenziwe uHulumeni nokunenze nikuthakasele ukuthi nani niyizakhamuzi zakuleli.

Ingqikithi yalembizo wukuba sizonazisa mphakathi ngokusemthethweni, ukuthi uHulumeni wesiFundazwe usuhambe- wahamba waze wafinyelela esinqumeni sokuthi athathe amandla lapha kuMasipala wenu. Lokhu kwenzeke ngesandla soMnyango wami egameni loHulumeni wesiFundazwe.

Okusenze-ke size sifinyelele kulesisinqumo, yingenxa yokuthi amaKhansela enawa khetha enze ukuthi kungabi nozinzo kuloMasipala. Lokhu sikusho ngoba besilokhu sibikelwa ngokulwa kwawo nokuholele ekutheni kwezinye izikhathi kuthathwe izinqumo ezingekho emthethweni. Phakathi kokunye kunabasebenzi abamiswa ngokungemthetho, abanye baqashwe kungalandelwe mthetho, nokube nomthelela omubi ekulethweni kwezidingo ngqangi kini mphakathi.  Lokhu akwehlanga kahle neze kithi singuHulumeni nokupheqe ukuthi kubekhona esikwenzayo ukuvikela nina noMasipala.

Angazi kukangaki siwayala amaKhansela ukuthi ngaso sonke isikhathi, awahlale njalo ekhumbula ukuthi alapha emkhandlwini nje, athunywe inina mphakathi. Awayele lapha ukuyo feza izinjongo zawo kodwa ezomphakathi. Kodwa-ke kubukeka sengathi uma sikhuluma kungena ngapha kuphume ngapha. UHulumeni ngeke-ke ahlale esonge izandla inhlalakahle yomphakathi ibe iqhubeka ithunazeka. Okhethweni loHulumeni basekhaya naphuma ngobuningi benu ngenhloso yokuthi nivotele abantu abazo letha impilo engono kini. Anivotelanga ukuthi nihlupheke okukanye ukuthi amaKhansela eyolwa laphana noma athathe izinqumo ezingekho emthethweni.

Angishoke ukuthi sizame konke okusemandleni  ukulekelela amaKhansela ukuthi kube nozinzo lapha, kodwa kwanhlanga zimuka nomoya. Ngikhuluma lapha ngamadoda emizi nomama bemizi kodwa abaziphathisa okwezingane zase nkulisa futhi nazo zingcono kakhulu ngoba uma uthi zithule umsindo ziyalalela. Lokhu kwaseMadlangeni angazi ngingakubiza ngani. Ngoba ngampela mangingabuza wonke lamaKhansela ukuthi ikuphi anakho okufakazela ukuthi bangabaholi abaqotho abawukhathalele umphakathi akekho namunye onganeqholo lokungikhombisa ngoba nanku uMasipala uyaqhuga.

Sibe sesibona-ke singuMnyango uCogta ukuthi impela isimo lesi sibeka inhlalo yenu mphakathi engcupheni kakhulu, nokuyilapho sibe sesibikela uNdunankulu ubaba uWillies Mchunu kanye nekhabhinethi yonke yakhe, nalapho kube sekuthathwa isinqumo sokuthi makubhekwe ukuthi umthetho-sisekelo wezwe lethu wona uthini-ke esimweni esifana nalesi.

Umthetho-sisekelo ke ngokwesigaba 139 (b), uyalela phakathi kokunye lapho uHulumeni wesiFundazwe usuzinelise khona ukuthi uzinzo alukho, sekunokuphazamiseka kokulethwa kwezidingo ngqangi, kuyodingeka ukuthi kungenelele. UMnyango lona wethu, bese kuba yiwona othatha izintambo zokulawula ukusebenza kukaMasipala, emva kokubeka lokhu ezithebeni zeKhabhinethi.

Nebala uNdunankulu uMacingwane ube esekhipha umyalelo wokuthi kumele kulandelwe umthetho-sisekelo wezwe.

Kanti futhi sibe sesibikela nesakhiwo sephalamende likazwelonke esiwumkhandlu oyiso ekusebenzeni kwezifundazwe (iNational Council of Provinces), mayelana nalesisimo salapha kanye nangezincomo zokuba kungenelelwe.

Yingakho-ke ngilapha namuhla ukuthi sibe nenkundla efana nalena lapha sinazisa khona ngokusemthethweni, ningezwa nje kuphela kwabezindaba.

Angibike-ke ukuthi sesijube umlawuli  oyiso likaNgqongqoshe nozozinza lapha. Uyena-ke ozothi alandele zonke izinsuku aqinisekisa ukuthi konke okumele kwenziwe nguMasipala ukusingatha izimpilo nenhlalo yabantu, ngempela kuyenziwa.

Mphathi wohlelo ukuba khona kwami lapha angisho ukuthi ngakolunye uhlangaothi angeneme neze ngoba lokhu kukhomba uhlobo lwamaKhansela esinawo emiphakathini yethu. Ngolwesihlanu lolu esiphuma kulo besinomhlangano omkhulu lapho simeme wonke amaKhansela ukuthi azozibophezela ohlelwenikazi lwethu lwe “Back to Basics” nesizama ngalo ukuguqula indlela yokusebenza koMasipala bethu, kuphuthume izinhlelo zentuthuko kubantu bakithi. Ngethula inkulumo yami, amaKhansela ngiwa donse ngendlebe ukuthi itshe logaya ngomunye umhlathi manje. Angeke sikubekezelele ukuthi kuzongabi nozinzo koMasipala ngenxa yawo besekuyathulakala nje. Sekuzoba khona ukukhala nokugedla kwamazinyo, angiphathi uma kuze kufinyelela ekutheni kulahleka imali yabakhokhi bentela. Imali soyithatha kuwo uqobo amaKhansela, akwazi lokho. Ngibatshelile ukuthi umkhandlu akusiyo indawo yokudlala, kodwa indawo lakhona kuhlanganiswa amakhanda ngenhloso yokuthi kuqhamukwe namasu okuletha impilo engcono kubantu bakithi. Asikwazi ukuthi abantu bakithi bohlupheka kusakhona uHulumeni wobandlululo, baphinde futhi bahlupheke sekuphethe uHulumeni wabo. Phinde angeke sikuvume lokho.

Ingakho ngininxusile nasekuqaleni ukuthi nathi siwumphakathi akesiwaphoyise amaKhansela esiwakhethile. Singabesabi ngoba uma sibesaba, intuthuko soyizwa ngendaba bona bebe beqhubeka bephila kahle nemindeni yabo. Ngithi angidlule kuloku ngoba kungiphatha kabi. Nami angithandi ukuthi ngolokhu ngaba nalezi mbizo ngibikela umphakathi ngezenzo ezimbi zabantu abadala abakhombisi ukuphusa komqondo nokubeka impilo yabantu abakhethile phambili.

Ngiyazi kunemfundisoze yokuthi uHulumeni yiwo owenza kube nezinkinga lapha.  Lokhu akulona iqiniso.  AmaKhansela eniwakhethile iwona kanye asidalela izinkinga. Ngiyafisa ukuthi futhi njengaba voti nezakhamuzi akenibe nesithangami nawo niwabuze ukuthi kusuke sekwenze njani ngampela ukuthi nithi niwathume okunye wona afike enze intando yawo.

Sizwile ngandlebenye ukuthi amanye amaKhansela anokwenza ngalemashi okuthiwa beyikhona lapha kukhonondwa ngesinqumo esisithathile. Lento siyathatha njengobuxoki ngoba abantu banele bahlulwe ukwenza abathunywe kona bese kuba lula ukukhomba umunwe kuHulumeni wesiFundazwe ukuthi iwona owenza kube nezinkinga kanti cha akunjalo.  Ngiyacela kini nonke ukuthi ningabi ingxenye ya lama mashi ngoba kudlalwa ngani, kunalokho babizeni nibabuze ukuthi yini lento abayenza lapha emkhandlwini.

Ngakho-ke ngifisa ukusho ukuthi silindele ukuba njengezakhiwo zomphakathi nibambisane nalomlawuli oyiso likaNgqongqoshe esimthume lapha, ukuze konke okumele kwenzeke emphakathini kwenzeke ngempumelelo.

Ngiyacela ukuthi qikelelani ukuthi amakomidi amawadi ayaphila, yiwona phela ayizithangami ezisemqoka ukulalela izimvo zomphakathi bese zithathwa ziyiswa ebuholini bukaMasipala, nokungumnyango wethu-ke omele ubuholi bomkhandlu ngaphansi kwalesisimo esengisichazile.

Kuningi okunye okulindeleke ukuba kwenzeke kusuka manje koMasipala, nokuyizinto ebezizovele zijame nje zingenzeki lapha eMadlangeni ukuba asingenelelanga njengobuholi ezingeni lesiFundazwe.

  • Ngingabala ukuqalwa kwezinhlelo zokwakhiwa kwesabelo mali esizophasiswa maphakathi nonyaka ozayo;
  • Ngethemba ukuthi mkhulu umsebenzi owenziwayo ukuba kuxhunyanwe nomphakathi ngenhloso yokuba kubhekwe ukuthi osomqulu wentuthuko edidiyelwe phecelezi I Integrated Development Plan, ngakube asahambisana na nezidingo zomphakathi;
  • Kumele futhi kwakhiwe amakomidi omasipala asemqoka, njengalawo abhekelele ukuphathwa ngendlela kwezimali (Municipal Public Accounts Committee);
  • Kumele futhi kuqinisekiswe ukuthi bakhona abaphathi abaphezulu njengo Menenja kaMasipala kanye noMgcinimafa. Nokunye okuningi.


Wonke lomsebenzi bekumele engabe usunethutshana uqaliwe, kepha ngenxa yokungabikho kozinzo lomsebenzi uphazamisekile.


Ngakho-ke ningezwa abantu benikhohlisa bethi yithi esidala kungabi nazinzo lapha. Kodwa ukungenelela kwesiFundazwe kube yinto nathi ebesingayilangazeleli kodwa esizithole siphoqeka ukuba siyenze, ngenxa yokukhathazekela izakhamuzi emazingeni aphansi. Kanti futhi akukhonto thina esiyizuzayo ngokungenelela kodwa sisuke sivikela abavoti nokuyibona abalindele ukulethwa kwezidingo kuloMasipala.

Ngiyathanda-ke nje mphathi wohlelo sengiphetha ukuba kafushane ngichaze ukuthi ukuba khona kwalolungenelelo kanye nokuphumelela kwalo, kuncike kakhulu ekubambisaneni phakathi kwesithunywa lesi sikaHulumeni, umphakathi kanye namakhansela.

Angikuveze futhi ukuthi lomkhandlu sowuqapha ngeso lokhozi. Uma kuqhubeka kungabibikho zinzo, uMthetho-Sisekelo uyalela ukuba iKhabhinethi bese yenyusa izinga lokungenelela, ngokuthi ivele iwuhlakaze umkhandlu bese iphinde inikeza ithuba umphakathi ukuba ukhethe kabusha amakhansela okhethweni oluyoba yisipesheli.

Asilindele-ke ukuba size sifinyelele kuleloqophelo lokuhlakaza uMasipala, ngakho sinethemba elikhulu lokuthi sonke sizobambisana kuze kuba isimo sibubyela kwesijwayelekile.

Siyakhuleka naseMakhosini aseNdlunkulu ukuthi asondele, ngoba uholo lawo lubalulkile kakhulu ikakhulukazi uma isimo sinjena. Ngaphandle kwao kulesiFundazwe asisoze saqhubekela phambili.


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Speech by MEC Dube-Ncube at the installation of Inkosi Dlamini-Fodo

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Note to editors: Remarks by the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nomusa Dube-Ncube on the occasssion of the Installation of Inkosi Dlamini-Fodo in the uMuziwabantu Local Municipality near the town of Harding. This event was presided over by his Majesty the King Goowdill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu.


Ngibingelela ngokukhulu ukwethaba nokuzithoba ngokuthola lelithuba lapho khona singuhulumeni wesifundazwe salapha kwelakithi KwaZulu-Natali, siphelezele iSilo Samabandla emsebenzini waso wokugcoba ngokusemthethweni nangokwesiko inkosi yesizwe lapha emzini kaFodo namuhla.

Silo samaBandla Onke, silapha nje namuhla ngeke silibale ukuthi izwe lethu lisemanzini kulandela ukuwa kwenye yezinsika nengqalabutho yomzabalazo ehlonishwa umhlaba wonke ubab u-Ahmed Kathrada.  Ngicabanga Hlanga Lwezwe, ukuthi kubalulekile ukuthi sithi uma sizogubha sibungaza ukunyathela koNgangezwe Lakhe lapha KwaFodo, sigubhe impilo nomzabalazo walamaqhawe afana nobaba uKathrada, okuyiwona okwathi uma umkhonto owawusetshenziswa ngamaqhawe eholwa yiziNgonyama ezingoBaba noKhokho bakho Silo uwa, awucosha aqhubeka alwa impi yokukhulula lelilizwe okungukuthi umzabalazo wamakhosi nezizwe wokubuyisa izwe kubaninilo awufinyelelisa esiphethweni.  Sithi ndlelanhle kulamaqhawe akulwile ukulwa okuhle.

Mphakathi nesizwe sonke kungumsebenzi esinentshisekelo ngawo kakhulu lona nina beSilo ukuba imisebenzi kanye nemicimbi namasiko okuthinta ezomdabu, sikunikeze isithunzi esifanelekile, ngenxa yokuthi phela ezomdabu nobukhosi bethu bomdabu bonkana buyisisekelo kanye nomgogodla wethu njengesizwe samaZulu kanye nama Afrika nje ewonkana.

Futhi ke iqiniso wukuthi ngisho nezizwe zamazwe angaphandle angewona awase Afrika nazo zinabo ubukhosi bazo.

Ama Shayina anomlando wobukhosi bomdabu, kanjalo nama Japhani, ama French, amaNgisi njalo njalo.

Bese kuya ngokuthike kulelozwe nalelozwe, izakhamizi zivumelene ngokububeka kuliphi izinga ubuholi bomdabu kanye nezinto eziphathelene namasiko.

Nakuba sazi ukuthi sivumelene lapha eNingizimu Afrika ukuba sibuswe ngaphansi kohlelo lwentando yeningi, kepha nokho siphinde futhi sama saqina egameni lokuthi nakuba izwe lizoholwa ngoMongameli kanye noNdunankulu abavotelwayo ngaphansi kwentando yabantu – kepha angeke sazikhohlisa sithi ubuholi bomdabu abusenayo indima njengomgogodla wethu thina bantu abansundu.

Siyakholwa wukuthi – uma singase silahle ubuholi bomdabu, kusukela ezingeni lezinduna zezinsizwa namagoso ezintombi, kuya ezinduneni zezigodi, amakhosi ezizwe kuze kufike kwinhloko yethu Ongangezwe Lakhe njengoba simphelezele nje namuhla – ngalokho nina boHlanga singabe sesizigwaze ngowethu isibili.

Angithi phela nabamhlophe bathe uma befika kuleli, besazithobile wena owabona inyoka igodole, bezishaya abacela ukuphumula nje badlule baye eMpumalanga beyofuna izinongo zokudla, bahamba bahamba babona ukuthi leli lakithi linothe kakhulu.  Kodwa futhi babona ukuthi akulula ukuba balidle kalula ngoba lababantu abalakhele bayimbumba ngaphansi kobuholi bamakhosi kanye namasiko abo.

Babe sebeqhamuka neqhinga lokuthi basihlakaze basidunge, bacekele phansi ubukhosi bethu.

Ngikhuluma nje namuhla, sehla senyuka singuhulumeni sihambela izizwe ezehlukahlukene ngenhloso yokuba silungise umonakalo omningi odalwe ngamaNgisi ngesikhathi edunga isizwe sikaZulu, eziqokela ngokwawo ukuthi lomhlaba afuna ukuba ubuswe ngaphansi kukabani, ukuze njalo kufezeke izinhloso zawo zokuqhwaga leli lobabamkhulu.

Ngomusa kaNkulunkulu esimkhonzayo, nesijabulela futhi ukuthi sibuswa yiSilo esimesabayo futhi esimazisayo uNkulunkulu – sibe sesikwazi ukuthi sibe nomzabalazo wokulwela inkululeko yalelizwe, nokube wumzabalazo ogcine uzale lenkululeko esesinayo kusukela ngonyaka ka 1994.  Nokuyinkululeko futhi esinikeze amandla okuba sibeke umthetho-sisekelo okwenza kube yimpoqo ukuba kuhlonishwe futhi kunikezwe isithunzi ubuholi bomdabu kanye namasiko ethu esintu.


Silapha nje namuhla yingenxa yawo lomthetho-sisekelo, nothe wabe usuzala umthetho kazwelonke iTraditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act ephasiswe ngonyaka ka 2003.

Lomthetho ukubeka kucace ukuthi kungukwephula umthetho ukungaqhamuki nezinhlelo zokubuyisa isithunzi samakhosi kanye nokuvikela indima yamakhosi ekuthuthukisweni kwemiphakathi.

Kube sekubhekwa futhi ukuthi izifundazwe ngazinye kuleli lakithi eNingizimu Afrika zinezimo zokuphila ezingafanani ncimishi, ngakho kuyomele ukusebenza kwalomthetho kazwelonke kubuye kuphundlwe ukuze kuhambisane nesifundazwe ngasinye.

Nebala kube sekuzaleka umthetho wesifundazwe sakithi lapha KwaZulu-Natali, nokuyi Traditional Leadership and Governance Act yona ephasiswe ngonyaka ka 2005, emveni kokuba kube nocubungulo olujulile lwezimo zobuholi bomdabu ezithinta lesisifundazwe sakithi.

Silapha namuhla ngelikhulu igunya elivikeleke emthethweni, ngenhloso yokuba lomgogodla wethu wobuholi bomdabu uqhubeke uthuthuke uye phambili ukuze kuthi lapho uhulumeni usebenza ezingeni lomasipala ukuthuthukisa imiphakathi, lowomsebenzi ube lula ngenhla yobumbano lobuholi boselwa kanye nabaholi abavotelwayo abangamakhansela.

Kwezinye izindawo kuyenzeka-ke ukuthi kube nezinselelo zokungaqini kahle kwamaxhama okuxhumana nokubambisana phakathi kobuholi bomdabu kanye namakhansela.

Nakuba lesisimo kungaseyona inselelo esabalele isifundazwe sonkana ngenxa yomsebenzi ebesilokhu siwenza njengomnyango sihlanganisa iminyango ehlukahlukene futhi silethe uqeqesho olunzulu, kepha lona kusengumsebenzi oqhubekayo.

Ivangeli esilishumayelayo emihlanganweni esibanayo sibandakanya amakhosi kanye namakhansela, yivangeli lokuhloniphana nokwamukelana ukuthi zombili lezizakhiwo zobuholi zisemthethweni futhi zikhona ngokwentando yabantu.  Futhi zombili ziyadingakala uma kungukuthi sifuna ukuyibona ngamehlo siphinde siyiphathe ngezandla intuthuko emakhaya ethu.

Umsebenzi wokuthuthukisa ezomdabu awupheleli nje kulona esingawo namuhla, kepha sinezinhlelo eziqhubekayo zokuba amakhosi acijiswe ngolwazi lwezokuhola ezikhathini zamanje lapho sekunentando yabantu kanye namalungelo ahambisana nayo.

Ngikhuluma nje amakhosi amaningi asefunde agogoda ohlweni lukahulumeni ngokubambisana nenyuvesi yaKwaZulu-Natali, lapho khona senzela ukuba amakhosi aqonde imithetho; akwazi ukusebenzisa ama computer kanye nama internet; akwazi futhi nokuqonda ukuthi uhulumeni nje uwonke usebenza kanjani kumele kulandelwe yiphi imigomo nemigudu nxashane kwethulwa izinhlelo zentuthuko.

Futhi sikwenza kube lula ukuba izakhiwo zamakhosi ngokwazo nje, zikwazi ukuba zisebenze ngokwezinhlelo zawo.  Ekuqaleni kwalenyanga nje sethule izimoto ezimbili ezintsha ceke, nokuyizinqola ezizokwenza kube lula ukuba uSihlalo weNdlu yobuholi bomdabu, iNkosi yaseMadungeni, kanye noSekela Sihlalo, iNkosi uMapholoba, bakwazi ukuhambela imihlango ebandakanya izindlu zobuholi bomdabu ngokwehlukana kwazo ngenhloso yokuba sibe wubumbano oluzokwazi ukushesha luyise isifundazwe sakithi ekusaseni elinenhlalakahle yabantu.

Amakhosi siyawalekelela ngezibonelelo zomakhalekhukhwini, kanti futhi ayaboneleleka ngezinyawo lapho khona kusuke kumele athathe uhambo lwemihlangano ebandakanya umsebenzi wesizwe.

Abanye bethu sebebonile ukuthi kuleminyakana nje edlulile, sesibe nohlelo lokwakha izinkantolo zamakhosi ngendlela ethe ukwehluka ukunaphambilini.

Thina kulohulumeni asikholelwa wukuthi umsebenzi wenkosi kumele uphelele ekuthetheni amacala kuphela.  Kepha sikholelwa wukuthi kumele inkosi nomkhandlu wayo bakwazi ukuba nendawo esebenza nemisebenzi yentuthuko ngokubambisana namakhansela.

Yingakho nje manje sesakha lokhu esikubiza ngama Traditional Administrative Centres, nawo futhi esiwakha ndawonye nezakhiwo zikahulumeni ohlelweni lwama Community Service Centres, nalapho kuba namahhovisi kanye nama boardroom okubamba imihlanango, esiyingini esisodwa nalapho kwakhiwe khona ama office ako Sassa, oHome Affairs, njalo njalo.

Lolu kusewuhlelo oluqhubekayo, ngakho okwamanje uzothola lezizikhungo seziphothuliwe, kanti kwezinye izindawo zisakhiwa.

Nokho nayo inkosi yesizwe esingayo namuhla, ngiyafisa Hlanga Lwamakhosi, Silo Sethu, ukuba ngigcizelele kuyona inkosi ukuthi ngokwesiqu sayo inomsebenzi omkhulu njengawo wonke amakhosi akithi esifundazweni.

Thina okwethu wukuba sidale isimo sokusebenza ukuba sibe lula, sinikeze izinsiza, futhi siqinise namaxhama okubambisana nokuxhumana kwizakhiwo zonkana.  Kodwa ekugcineni umsebeni uyokwenziwa yiyona inkosi uqobo ngokubambisana nesizwe kanye nomkhandlu wayo.

Bantu bakithi, siphila ezikhathini ezimanzonzo kakhulu, lapho khona lingasashoni ilanga kungazwakalanga isimo esihlasimulisa umzimba emakhaya ethu.

Sivuka sizwe kuthiwa sekuhlaselwe amalunga omndeni thizeni wonke kwavalwa ngehlahla; noma mhlawumbe sekuthunjwe usana luzelwe; noma sekudlwenguliwe, njalo njalo.


Ngeledlule nje khona lapha ngaphansi kukamasipala iHarding, kade kuvakashele ithimba longqongqoshe besifundazwe ngaphansi kohlelo luka Operation Sukuma Sakhe, nengikholwa wukuthi sonke manje sesiyazi ngaloluhlelo njengoba sekuyophela iminyaka ecela eshumini lusunguliwe, ngenhloso yokuba uhulumeni nemiphakathi ezingeni lamawadi kubanjiswane ukuze kufezekiswe izinjongo eziyishumi nambili eziphambili mayelana nokuthuthukiswa kwabantu.

Okuthe kwahlaluka-ke njengoba iKhabhinethi ibihambele lendawo, kube yizinga lobugebengu obuhambisana nokusetshenizisw kwezidakamizwa, okubalulwe yinina mphakathi njengeseliphezulu ngokwesabisayo.

Elami ke lithi ubuholi bakithi bomdabu busethubeni elikhulu, njengoba noNdunankulu weSifundazwe ubaba uMacingwane, ekubalulile lokhu enkulumweni yakhe yesimo sesifundazwe, ukuba kube yiwo amakhosi nezinduna namaphoyisa enkosi ababonakala beyibambe phambili lempi yokuba kuqedwe lesisihlava sokuphelelwa ngubuntu kubantu bakithi.

Ukuba sonke besingamakholwa, bengizoqinisa kakhulu ngasohlangothini lweZwi likaNkulunkulu. Ngoba phela ezwini likaNkulunkulu yilapho kutholakala khona zonke izimpendulo namacebo okuphila nokuphilisanan ngokuthula nangothando.

Kodwa ngoba asikholelwa sonke eBhayibhelini, ngizothanda ukukhumba isizwe nabona bonke nje abantu bakithi abamnyama ukuthi kusukela emandulo, ngisho inkolo ingakafiki, thina besiyisizwe esiyazisayo inhlonipho futhi esinozwelo komunye nomunye.

Ingane incane ibikhuliswa ngaphansi kwesisekelo senhlonipho, ifundiswe ukubingelela nokuthobeka.

Ngiyafisa nkosi yesizwe namakhosi onke esifundazweni sakithi nasezinduneni, ukuba ngihlabe ikhwelo lokuba sibuyele kokwakithi, sifundise abantwana bethu ngothando nenhlonipho.

Siyazi ukuthi isiminingi imimoya esivunguza ezweni, kanti nezimfundiso seziningi, nokubandakanya izimfundiso ezimbi zobumnyama ezifika kubantwana bethu ngezindlela eziningi, ezinye zazo esingeke sakwazi ukuzinqanda ngenxa yokuthi siphila esikhathini lapho khona sekwaba nezindlela zokuxhumana ezishesha ngaphezu kwesivinini somoya, njengomabonakude nama social network o-facebook no twitter no Instagram njalo njalo. Ngakho-ke ulwazi oluhle lubhebhetheka ngokufana nemfundiso-ze.  Futhi akulula ukugxambukela kwazise siphila esikhathini samalungelo avikelekile kumthetho-sisekelo wethu esiwuhloniphayo.

Kepha ngiyakholwa wukuthi ubuncono singabubona nxa kuphela singavuka siyibambe, ngingasasho ibutho uVukayibambe, okuyibutho leSilo uDinuzulu kaCetshwayo.

Ngempela singakwazi ukuqhamuka namacebo ngokubambisana, okuthi singaluvuselela kanjani usikompilo lokwesaba ihlazo kubantu bakithi.

Bese kuthi-ke lapho khona singeke sisalungisa khona, masibambisane phela ekuthenini izigebengu zibikwe kwabomthetho zifakwe ozankosi, zivalelwe etilongweni.

Akumele nje esizweni salapha kwaFodo, siphile nje kube sengathi konke kuhamba ngononina, ekubenini sazi ukuthi phakathi kwethu kukhona abashushumbisa isidakamizwa iwhoonga ezinganeni zethu. Sithule nje sisonge izandla, sigwinye kushisa njengo Gwinyitshe.

Kanti ama ward committee enzani?  Kanti ikhansela nomkhandlu wenkosi kwenziwani bakwethu, uma kungeke kwahlanganwa kubizwe amaphoyisa kukhonjwe ngenjumbane lapho khona kunomthombo wobunswelaboya?

Indawo yalapha kwaFodo idume kahle bakwethu; njengesizwe nisemathubeni okudlondlobala ngisho nakwezokuvakasha njengoba ninayo ngisho ne Cultural Village esethubeni nelokuthi ikhule ihehe izivakashi eziningi ezivela kuleli kanye nasemazweni angaphandle. Ezokuvakasha sezibalulwe njengeminye yezindlela ezinqala esingakhulisa ngazo umnotho wethu kuleli.

Kodwa konke siyokwenza ngokuba sibambisane ngakuzona zonke izinhlaka zempilo.

Angeke ngiyikhulume-ke nje eyokuziphatha ngendlela kwethu thina baholi.  Nanoma kuphi uma inhloko yekhaya ilahlekile, kanjalo futhi nekhaya lonke liyovele lidunguze ontwini ngokunjalo.

Ngakho nkosi yesizwe sinethemba elikhulu futhi sizohlala ngokukukhulekisa ukuba ukwazi ukuhola isizwe sokhokho bakho ngobuqotho, ngenhlonipho nangobuhlakani obuhambisana nothando kubantu.

Sifunde bakwethu emakhosini asandulela afana namakhosi afana noDavide kanye nendodana yakhe uSolomoni, abadume njengamakhosi akhombisa ubuhlakani obuhambisana kakhulu nokwesaba uNkulunkulu.

Nakuba zaba khona iziwombe lapho khona bashelele baphambuka ezimisweni zikaNkulunkulu, kepha siyababona bezisola ngomkhuleko bebuya bezithoba kuMdala weZinsuku.

Nasi neSilo sethu phambi kwethu, singumholi ongubaba wesizwe omazisayo kakhulu uNkulunkulu. Akusingabazi nokuthi uJehova umbusise ngesipho esingandelenkosi, sokuba alibuse iminyaka eminingi ukwedlula wonke amakhosi emlandweni wesizwe sikaZulu. Hlanga Lomhlabathi!

Ngaleyondlela Nkosi yesizwe sikaFodo nawe ngokuthanda abantu bakho, ubahloniphe uzihloniphe nawe, ngempela uyokwazi ukuba yisibonelo esihle esizweni, kanjalo kuzaleke imindeni nayo esiyozala izizukulwane ezigqame ngenhlonipho, isizotha nobumbano.

Ngithathe lelithuba mphathi wohlelo, ngibonge kakhulu kwi Silo Samabandla ngokungivumela ngithintithe amazolo.

Hlanga Lwamakhosi!

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