MEC Dube-Ncube addresses King Cetshwayo District Development Summit

The growth of our Province’s economy relies heavily on our Municipalities pulling their act together. These were the words uttered by MEC Dube-Ncube as the addressed delegates at the District Growth and Development Summit in the King Cetshwayo District.
 Among the issues discussed were; the Provincial Growth Development Strategy and Gap Analysis, Status of the District Growth Development Plan and its Alignment to the Infrastructure Development Plan, Trade and Investment  Opportunities in the District, Role of Development Agencies, District Audit Outcomes, Inclusive Economic Growth, Human Resource Development, Human and Community Development, Spatial Equity, Environmental Sustainability, Governance and Policy, Private and Public Partnerships, Provincial Master Plan and Implications for the District. The Summit was attended by the Mayors, Amakhosi, Private Sector, Government Departments, SALGA, Small Businesses and Municipal Managers.