Christmas came early for the elderly and children in the communities of Gcizela, Watersmeet, Ladysmith, where MEC Hlomuka rolled out his outreach programme aimed at raising awareness about abuse towards the elderly and highlighting ways to challenge such abuses. 

The event was held on Friday, 10 December and also focused on raising awareness against Gender-Based Violence. 

During the outreach, which included residents from wards 14,15,16,17 and 19 in Alfred Duma Local Municipality, MEC Hlomuka thanked the elderly for the role they continue to play in our society. “As a province, we celebrate the elderly, many of you gathered here are playing a significant role in our communities, you raised up many of us and taught us about life and helped us to be able to be citizens who contribute to the wellbeing of the country,” said Hlomuka. 

MEC Hlomuka also paid a special visit to the 96-year-old Marry Mazibuko, Mathunjwa from Gcizela who is one of the oldest citizens in the community of Ladysmith. 

During his visit, MEC Hlomuka called for communities to continue to honour their elderly. “Gogo Methenjwa you are a blessing to our community, we honour women like yourself for the contribution they have made to our communities. It is our prayer that may God keep you and your family” said Hlomuka.

Gogo Mathenjwa cried tears of joy at being honoured by MEC Hlomuka through the special visit. 

In the outreach, the department partnered with social partners and saw the elderly and children headed households receive social relief such as groceries. 

Issued by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs